We are capable of providing our customers complete turn-key custom solutions for the petrochemical and chemical industry. From the “well-head” to the terminal and right to the retail stations, Blendtech’s products help thousands of customers solve their toughest process problems.

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 Single / Multi-Injector Cabinets

The single and multi-injector cabinets use our highly accurate injector blocks (MiniBlock) to offer a wide range of injection capabilities. These components allow cabinets to facilitate the accurate injection of multiple additives and dyes into the main product stream.


Metering & Blending Systems


Loading Racks
(Bottom & Top loading)

Throughout the years, we have provided countless solutions which we use as a foundation for the design and manufacturing of new projects. While each new project requires a unique solution based on the customer’s requirements, our long history allows us to begin the design process with standard designs from the past to reduce overall design costs. SolidWorks and AutoCAD are two main engineering design tools our company utilizes to create our virtual solutions. With these programs, we can visually present the full load rack configuration to customers, along with the complete engineering package. 

Offloading Skid

Blendtech has designed and implemented hundreds of offloading skids worldwide. We offer a full range of services, starting from the original site visit and design plan to the installation of the final solution. Each offloading skid is fully designed and manufactured “in house” by our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians. This team ensure that each skid meets all customer requirements and conforms to all industry safety standards.

With our “one stop shop” approach, Blendtech will be your total solutions provider and reduce your onsite construction and installation efforts.



Blendtech's Transloader Solutions are implemented worldwide, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding safety and performance track records. Each Transloader is tailored to the customers specifications and are designed to operate in the most extreme weather conditions. Designing for harsh operating conditions ensures our solution is reliable when dealing with product transfer in remote locations.

We can design unidirectional (Railcar to Truck) or bi-directional transloaders with blending (Ethanol / Bio-diesel) capability and on-board additive / dye injection to meet customer’s requirement. On the controls side, we can design a system to capture all the transactions with or without a supervisory system. All the transaction data can be transmitted wirelessly to client’s scheduling / accounting system.

Blendtech can also implement special requirements such as Railcar serial number identification in the BOL, either manually entered by the operator, or picked up from an RFID tag. To ensure strict quality control and loss prevention, Blendtech can add features like “No-Mix”, and product quality monitoring.

For any application, our company has the safe and reliable transloading solution you have been searching for.


Blending Skid

Our blending skids are known for their high accuracy and flexible design. Using 3D modelling software such as Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor, Blendtech creates completely custom blending skid solutions that are either integrated with our world leading controllers or connect to existing loading systems already in place at facilities. For either configuration, our design team determines the ideal piping arrangement for the space available and strives to keep options available for future expansion.

We have designed blending skids for Ethanol blending in gasoline, as well as Bio-diesel (FAME) blending in diesel. We select the most appropriate materials for wetted parts while designing a solution to ensure trouble-free operation and minimum service issues, resulting in extended lifecycle of the equipment.

Request a quote today and allow our company to design a versatile blending skid that both meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

In-Line Metering Skid

Blendtech’s Custody Metering Skids are positioned “in-line” with main product flows to facilitate accurate custody measurement and data acquisition. All our fiscal measurement equipment is designed to meet the most stringent standards laid out by Measurement Canada, API and MID, as applicable. With our flexible design process, our metering skids are available with a variety of flow meters including (but not limited to):

  • Turbine Meter

  • PD Meter

  • Coriolis Meter

  • Ultrasonic Meter

Depending on the application, our metering skids can be designed with one or multiple meter runs that integrate one of the flow meters listed above.

Each metering skid measures basic information, such as flow rate, temperature and pressure, as well as, be outfitted with custom measurement devices (Density, Viscosity, BS&W etc.) upon request. All information collected by the measurement instruments is recorded in a flow computer. The Flow computer processes, organizes, and sends the data to a supervisory system such as SCADA, DCS or TMS.

While Blendtech operates mainly in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy industries, our inline metering skids can be used in a wide variety of industries where custody metering of any liquid is required.

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Systems Integration


Toptech TMS

For years the TMS6 has provided the industry with a turnkey solution that is extremely robust and reliable. The Toptech TMS6 is a terminal software designed to provide a flexible solution for both small-scale and large-scale operations. The software receives information directly from the terminal, processes the data, and displays the results to terminal managers and other authorized personnel. With the TMS6, users are able to manage inventory and monitor the status of multiple facilities from any location.

For more detailed information visit the Toptech TMS6 page.

Toptech Certified System integrator

Long Range Card Reader

The BLENDTECH Long Range Card Reader provides a more efficient way to enter terminals with Toptech RCU panels. Toptech RCU panels incorporate a card reader that grants access to the facility. With this system, delays at the entrance gate occur when drivers get down from their truck to insert their cards. Our long range card reader allows drivers to flash their card 18-20 inches away from our RFID pad to gain access to the terminal.  This product improves the efficiency at terminal gates while maintaining all security features of the Toptech RCU. 


Industrial Control Panels

Blentech's Industrial control panels are an integral component in ensuring efficient operation of our products and equipment in the field. Each panel is fabricated in our panel shop which complies with UL 508A and UL 698A standards. Following these standards ensure all Blendtech panels meet UL’s high standards of safety, as well as, any other industry safety standards. Our panels are available with the following certification options:

Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D.
Purged and Pressurized (Type X) Control Panels.

Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D.
Explosion-proof Control Panels.

Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D.
Purged and Pressurized (Type Z) Control Panels.
Division 2 Control Panels.


All Blendtech products and systems are compatible with Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and custom Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). SCADA systems and PLCs work together to allow site supervisors to monitor and manage facilities. When a facility is in operation, PLCs read and transmit data on the performance and status of the facility. This information is received and processed by the SCADA computer software and displayed to the facility supervisor. Depending on the status of the facility, the supervisor then has the option to change parameters through the SCADA interface to improve the operation of the facility. Blendtech’s products are designed to incorporate SCADA and custom PLC systems as they are effective human-machine interfaces (HMI’s) for both small-scale and large-scale facilities.



Custom Applications


Blendtech WebView

Blendtech’s WebView software is a web-based facility monitoring tool that enhances visualization of process data. WebView is compatible with any PC and a variety of portable devices, including smartphones and tablets, giving users quick remote access to important terminal/facility information. The software is designed with a simple and intuitive interface that places account management, product authorization or allocation at your fingertips.

Key performance indicators, such as gate-to-gate times, loading times, trucks/day, customers/day etc., are displayed directly on the WebView dashboard. To further increase data visualization and analysis, Webview produces Scully Hit Reports and simplifies TMS reports. The information most facilities receive from Scully Ground & Overfill Monitors is limited. The Scully Hit Report is a customized report that provides facility operators with more detailed information relating to “Scully Hits” that shut down loading processes.

IIoT Gateway Applications

IIoT gateway applications increase production visibility and improve facility management. For our IIOT solutions, data exchanged between software and SCADA systems is facilitated by the Groov EPIC acting as either a slave device or master to a MODBUS PLC. For either configuration, facility data is collected by the Groov EPIC and used to perform certain actions requested by the customer, such as hourly reconciliation, railcar identification, seal number validation, etc. The Groov EPIC also has the capability of reading/writing from or to any database or 3rd party APIs. While we typically use the Groov EPIC, our team is familiar with a range of other IIoT gateway applications and SCADA systems which allows us to create custom solutions with any existing hardware your company already has in place.  Upon request, Blendtech will outfit a system with the appropriate hardware and software changes required to improve your company’s data acquisition and analysis systems.

Java, PHP, Microsoft SSRS and MySQL

At Blendtech, our custom applications team is familiar with a range of software development technologies. Using those technologies, we can create custom PC/Web based applications that deal with variety of facility related information. One custom application created by our team involved use of Java programming to create a PC based Custom Reporting solution. When users launch the application, the main display allows them to choose from multiple report options. After selecting report options, the application locates the information in the TMS database and populates the report with the desired information.

MultiLoad Slate Development


Typical Toptech Multiload Slate have databases which are populated and updated manually through the HMI on the device. This process is inefficient, which led to our company to develop a new data input system. Our company can program a lightweight utility application that uploads information onto a Multiload Slate from an excel file stored on PC. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent manually inputting information on the Multiload Slate panel and makes database inserts and updates extremely simple.


As a Toptech system integrator, our company has a detailed knowledge on all Toptech products and services, allowing us to program new prompts and validate them into the Multiload Slate. New prompts are being displayed and their inputs are validated against Slate database records.

Once all prompts are validated then Slate application can further handle custom requirements of authorizing and processing load transaction. We can also implement custom BOL creation once load is completed. We can customize the BOL layout via Slate programming.

TMS Custom Apps


Blendtech has clients operating worldwide with different standards and regulations in different countries. In order to comply with all industry regulations, our company constantly evaluates and updates our products and systems.

As our company began operating in Europe, additional regulations were in place on Excise Movement and Control Systems (EMCS). Originally, when servers shut down and EMCS’s went into Manual mode, an operator would have to switch the EMCS back to Auto mode when the server became operational. Our company wrote a custom script file for the Terminal Management System (TMS) which implemented an auto switch function that allowed the EMCS to switch back to Auto mode when the servers became operational.

With our vast knowledge of Toptech products, we are able to produce custom scripts for the TMS software to ensure our company meets all customer requirements and conforms to all industry regulations.


For multiple companies, Blendtech programmed and implemented an automated reporting solution which is configured to run in the background with no HMI. This program retrieves facility operating information from the TMS database and produces custom reports, on daily basis, that highlight key information. The solution distributes the reports automatically by either email or to an FTP server and is set to repeat on a particular time schedule requested by the customer.

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