Our Services

Since we opened our doors we have provided construction and installation services to the petrochemical and chemical industries. Blendtech is a fully equipped petroleum contractor capable of providing a complete complement of electrical and mechanical work.

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Technical Support

At Blendtech, we have decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining products and facilities for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Through this experience, our team has gained a unique insight into how our equipment operates within terminals. This allows our support team to solve problems efficiently and implement solutions as fast and as safely as possible in order to minimize facility “down-time”. The use of the Toptech TMS system, MultiLoad, SMP and RCU units also allows our team to determine issues based on transaction log information. No matter the issue, Blendtech's highly skilled mechanical, electrical and instrumentation team will be able to provide timely technical support, even in remote areas.

For emergencies, Blendtech also has an emergency contact line open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Numbers:

  • +1. 905. 669. 5712

  • +1 888. 386. 8122 (Toll free in US/Canada)

  • +32 (0)2 808 1997 (Belgium)

  • +44 203 608 0546 (UK)

Process Optimization

Process optimization is Blendtech's specialty as we design custom, drop-in solutions that are specific to each customer’s requirements. Our company has designing and constructing countless systems and resolved hundreds of reported maintenance issues for companies across the world. Blendtech has a wide range of products that we incorporate into our custom solutions to improve system performance and efficiency. Incorporating Toptech systems into our designs also improves data tracking and management. Allow Blendtech to use our years of experience with system integration and automation to design the most optimal solution for your facility. 

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Predictive Maintenance Analysis

At Blendtech, we understand that “up-time” is extremely important to your operation, which is why we take a “fix it before it breaks” approach to maintenance. Our company provides predictive and preventive maintenance to ensure that problems are solved prior to any major issues occurring. Using a custom database, we set up a program that predicts problems and schedule routine maintenance based on the program.

Our predictive maintenance program has been developed from decades of service & maintenance experience, and from knowledge gathered off hundreds of reported incidents captured in our Cloud-based Helpdesk System.  This ensures your operation is always functioning efficiently and reduces revenue losses attributed to “down-time” during large maintenance repairs.

Operation & Maintenance

In addition to our wide range of products, Blendtech also offers facility operation and maintenance services. Our electricians and technical operators are highly skilled and have a vast knowledge of Blendtech and Toptech products and equipment. With these skills, it is common for companies to request that we outfit their facility, as well as, operate it on a daily basis. Our mechanical and electrical technicians are available to work full time on site to ensure all equipment is functioning at its full capabilities. This is a great opportunity as it allows your company to expand and focus on its business interests, without worrying about the day-to-day operation of the facility.

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Engineering Services


Design Services

For every new project, our design team performs an analysis on the facility and designs a custom solution using state of the art engineering software. Our team also designs and manufactures each of Blendtech’s products “in-house” for the purpose of improving terminal operation. Blendtech is constantly innovating to push the boundaries of industry expectations. Our company is constantly producing new products with better accuracy, efficiency or performance, such as the Miniblock (Link) or Mark V Injector (link). This push for innovation has allowed our company to grow in a competitive market and continue to satisfy our customers with our unique terminal solutions.

Some of the engineering services for the design of process control projects at Blendtech include (but are not limited to):

  • P&ID creation or modification

  • Control system architecture

  • Instrumentation Block Diagrams

  • Communication Block Diagrams

  • Control Narrative

  • Control Logic Diagrams

  • Cause & Effect Diagrams

  • Instrumentation Specification & Material Requisitions

  • Interlock design and SIL validation

  • HAZOP Analysis participation

  • Mechanical engineering and piping design

  • 3D Modelling

Whether your company requires a drop-in solution or the creation of a new product, allow Blendtech to be your full solutions provider.



In addition to our engineering design team, Blendtech also offers engineering consultations. For our consultation service, we act as a third party for companies seeking to use our expertise of the industry to analyse designs or determine the feasibility of solutions. Many companies are especially interested in Blendtech’s vast knowledge of Toptech products and their integration into terminals.