We are a full service mechanical and electrical contractor specializing in the petrochemical and chemical industries. 

We are leaders in quality, commitment and service. Our BLENDTECH products are globally recognized, respected and continue to push the industry forward. 

We lead driven by innovation and our creative staff. We are proud of our past, committed to our customers and loyal to our staff.

We are part of PT Industrial Electric Co. which was established in 1977 and offers expertise in the design, engineering, installation, implementation, commissioning, training and support of bulk product handling and loading equipment, additive and dye injection, ratio and wild stream blending and a wide variety of custom process solutions.


As a company, we strive to forge partnerships with our customers and work very hard to ensure that the best possible solution has been implemented to meet their requirements. 

We believe that every problem should be approached in such a way that provides our clients with not only a solution, but the “best” solution.


“Build it Right - Safely”. We are committed to safety.  Above all else, safety is key - no job can be a success unless it is a safe job.  We have received countless safety record awards and take part in all of our customers safety programs. We are an active member of ISNETWORLD.

“Safety Above All Else ”


We are recognized globally as a reliable and flexible solution provider.  Evolving of industry needs, changing requirements and emerging technologies, continuously expands our product and service portfolio “leading the way” with new ideas and the capability to tackle and provide unparalleled support for all of our customer’s concerns.

Our mission is simple.  Provide the highest quality products and services best suited to our customers, safely, on-time and on budget.