our engineered factory build loading skids allows our customers to minimize the engineering and onsite construction effort.  

Skids are designed using an innovative "virtual" process allowing our customers to "see" what they are getting before production begins. This collaborative approach ensures there are no surprises, a smooth installation and startup in the field. We are able to take on the complete scope from design to fabrication right through to installation and startup offering our customers the "total solution".

Our skids are build to meet the customer's requirements and industry standards. With years of experience behind us and a wealth of industry experience we are able to present a number of standard designs as a starting point in the planning process, helping to minimizing design time and cost. 

With each skid package we provide a complete engineering package. Our very strict quality and testing program ensures that when the skid arrives it can simply be located, connected and is ready for use.

We have a number of supply arrangements with all major equipment manufactures to provide you with a "one stop shopping" experience. Making your procurement and support of the product very simple and under one roof.

Weather your looking for a top or bottom truck, a rail loading skid or an offloading skid
we have the solution you are looking for