our blending systems are designed to meet user requirements specific to the application.

Rather than locking our products into an inflexible design, where the process needs to
fit the equipment, a wide range of components are available to ensure the design provides exceptional performance without compromise. With hundreds of valves, meter and instrumentation options we can certainly provide the best solution for your blending needs.

Blenders can be provided with our patented world leading controllers, a custom design control panel or the Multiload loading system. Alternatively the unit can be supplied with no controller in a "stand-alone" configuration connected to the existing loading system.

Our blenders are assembled by our highly-trained, extremely talented staff that have considered the "field" in the fabrication process - so everything we do is built to ensure field operation is easy and maintenance is minimized. Our flexible design process allows us to propose a "virtual" design before any production begins allowing us to consider piping arrangement, available space and future expansion. You have a chance to review the product to ensure there are "no surprises".

The blender will leave our factory prefabricated, assembled and tested minimizing the construction effort, making sure you will be blending bio-diesel
or ethanol as quickly as possible.