our Injectors provide users with a complete stainless steel fluid metering block for injecting a wide variety of fuel additives or dyes.

MiniBLOCK serves as a ”slave device” to a user-supplied “master controller”. The product is accurate, reliable and compatible with a wide range of chemicals. The oval gear design offers high accuracy and low pressure drop. Sensors are either CSA (C/US) or ATEX listed and are approved for use in hazardous area locations and are provided with a CRN approval. The injector can be supplied with BLENDTECH's industry proven, cutting edge microprocessor based controllers.

Our injectors are sold as individual units or as complete packages which have been approved and tested making the engineering and construction phase of your project as efficient as possible. Assemblies are designed for your specific application and are provided with a complete engineering and testing package.

There are thousands of our injectors installed globally that make our product one of the world leaders. Our innovative approach ensures whatever the application; load racks, pipelines, card locks, distribution terminals, rail facilities or aviation sites, we will have a product to fit your needs.